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We invite you to send submissions to Washington Gardener magazine. It's the only publication specifically targeting Washington DC area gardening enthusiasts. Please read the following guidelines thoroughly before submitting anything to us. Thank You and Happy Gardening!

Event Submissions

Event listings are publishing in the Washington Gardener enewsletter. Note that the enewsletter goes out the 15th of each month and listings are due by the 12th. Events must take place in the Washington DC area and must be of specific interest to gardeners.

To submit events, please include the following items for each event:

Event Title

Date & Time


Short Description

Cost/Registration Details

Web Link or Email For More Information

Send your event listings to washingtongardener@rcn.com and please put “Event Submission” in the email subject line.


Product/Book Submissions

Washington Gardener magazine welcomes your new product and book releases for publication consideration. Due to the sheer volume of product releases, we are not able to acknowledge and print every announcement we receive. New products are evaluated for timeliness, appropriateness to the audience, and other factors. To ensure that it gets handled properly, new product information and samples should be sent to editor@washingtongardener.com or to the following address: Washington Gardener, 826 Philadelphia Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20910.

   Email submissions should say “Product Submission” in the subject line. Please specify if you would like the item to appear in a particular issue for targeting a particular subject from our editorial calendar. Please include as much information in the body of the email as possible. Attachments can include Word documents and Adobe PDF files only if absolutely necessary. If you are not able to submit via email, other acceptable electronic media include: CD, DVD, or floppy disk.

   All new product announcements should contain the following information:

1) Date product was released: Product should be able to be purchased at the time of publication. 2) Contact information: Please include an email, Web address, or toll-free number where the consumer can contact you for further details.

3) Product detail: Please provide press announcements, fact sheets and other details.

4) Artwork: We prefer product images be high-quality TIFF file, color, 300 dpi. File must be readable by an IBM compatible PC and 3 MB or less. Color photographs are also accepted. Please do not send: screenshots, images with small text, company logos, or Mac files.


Article Submissions

Basic Facts

Pay scale: $25-100*

Payment schedule: On Publication

Kill fees paid: No

Other expenses are paid: Negotiable.

Rights purchased: First

Standard contract: Yes

Prefer to receive: Query before entire manuscript

Article length: 700 to 1,000 words for features, with sidebars, if applicable, of 300-500 words

All submissions should include your name, address, telephone number, and email address. Please submit files electronically to Kathy Jentz, Editor, washingtongardener@rcn.com, with “Query” in the subject field.


*Open to negotiation for advertising space trade as payment for author fee.


Content Overview

Please note that Washington Gardener magazine is aimed at Washington DC area gardeners. All authors must be DC area gardeners themselves. We will only consider submissions from Washington DC area addresses and give preference to practicing gardeners. In addition, we will give our highest consideration to authors who are members of the Garden Writers Association. (Find out more at www.gardenwriters.org and tell them “Kathy Jentz at Washington Gardener” referred you.)

   Please see our Editorial Calendar below for deadline dates and themes. We urge you to subscribe to our free enewsletter and to our magazine to best learn our subject matter, tone, and content.

   Articles should focus on practical information that targets all levels of gardener from the beginner to the veteran.

   Include the local angle: what is unique in the topic to the DC area and zones 6/7?

   Strive for 100% Accuracy: Both in horticultural facts and in all other items. Check all phone/fax/email and web sites. Verify persons and all proper names. Make sure all graphs/tables are consistent and clear.

   Always include sources for additional information should the reader want to do more in-depth research. These can include books, Web sites, local garden experts, etc.

   Make your stories readable by aiming for simple, straight-forward stories that are not overly complex. Don’t talk down to readers — the average person reads at a 7th grade level, but thinks as an adult. How-to articles are great. Use Q&A format where applicable. Use lists of points when possible.

   We understand the many of our writers are gardeners first and authors second, we will assist you in editing your piece. Don’t be afraid to submit a great idea you have. If you can talk, you can write! Become the reader when you write. Be precise in word choice. Use active, not passive voice. Above all else, write what you know and love. Finally, address the readers as if you are speaking to a good friend.



We prefer product images be high-quality TIFF file, color, 300 dpi. File must be readable by an IBM compatible PC and 3 MB or less. Color photographs are also accepted. Please do not send: screenshots, images with small text, company logos, or Mac files

Photo/Illustration Submissions

We are currently not accepting photo and art submissions — unless they are part of an editorial submission package.

Editorial Departments & Columns

Please note that some departments will run in every issue, while others will only be included seasonally or as content warrants. This list is ever-evolving.

Daytrip — a day trip to a local DC gardening destination. 

Tipstricks — clever “why didn’t I think of that” short items.

Plantprofile — in-depth look at one particular plant variety.

Projectcalendar — schedule of weekend seasonal gardening projects.

Weedwatch — in-depth look at one particular weed and how to deal with it.

Edibleharvest — topics on kitchen gardening – vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Problemsolutions — addresses a common DC area gardening challenge - shade, small lot, etc.

Productreviews — book reviews and new product releases.

Zonebuster — stories and photos of a plant thriving in our zone – that should not be doing so.

Gardenbasics — a primer for beginning gardeners.

Rainyday — an indoor project for gardeners.

Neighborprofile — introducing readers to the story of DC area gardeners.

Ideasinspire – a collection of quotes and inspirational thoughts on a theme.





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